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March 2016

The Myanmar Experience

Hi all! This might be a little long, because I feel like there is a lot to tell about Myanmar. I tried to put in some more pictures 😛 Brace yourselves! Ready? Go.

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The Last Of North Thailand

Hi everyone 🙂

How have you been? Hope great! I’m not doing too bad myself. Let me continue from the last time I posted something…

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Escaping The Chaos

Hi there again!

Sorry for not checking in too much, as unbelievably as it sounds, sometimes it’s actually a bit difficult to balance the time here 🙂 So, what’s new? Well…

Goodbye Bangkok

My stay in Bangkok has improved over time. With each day, I got a little more used to the craziness and a little more comfortable with the city itself and its people.
I’m not going to bore you with more temples, as that’s something I covered last time. As my taxi driver Cha said “It’s all the same, but different.”
I went to check out the famous Khaosan Road. It was filled with tourists, thoroughly enjoying the cheap buckets of alcohol. Each pub had its own little party going on, blending into the one next door.

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The One With The Two Goodbyes

Hi everyone!

All of you who spent some time with me during the last year or so must be more than well aware of how I’ve been planning this big, amazing, 6 months long trip to Southeast Asia.

The day of my departure to Bangkok, 8th of March, approached much quicker than I could ever really imagine. One moment I had plenty of time and the next thing I know, I was moving out of my room and packing bags and boxes. Honestly, when it finally came, I didn’t feel ready at all. And so I missed my flight… I think of it as lesson number one of this trip 🙂 I managed to rebook it for the next day though, so no worries, everything is still happening (more or less) as planned.

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