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Goodbye, Asia

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while again. I’ve been slowly rounding up my trip. I’m already back to Europe and I’ve been keeping busy here! 🙂 But let me get back to Cambodia, the last proper stop of my journey…

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Change Of Scenery

Hi again!

I’ve promised to try and get the next post out as quickly as possible and I think I actually didn’t do too bad 🙂 (I’ve had even less time for a spell check than usually, don’t eat me alive for it.)

I’ve gone through a few rather eventful weeks during the journey up until now. Let me start from Hoi An, where I stopped last time…

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Southern Vietnam (a.k.a. How We Met The Family)

Hi guys!

Nearly a month flew by since my last post and I figured I should probably catch you up again. I’ve decided to split this post in two, because it’s just way too much and I’m never going to finish writing it this way.

Since last time, I’ve managed to get myself to Vietnam and meet up with Rachel. Somehow, along the way, we picked up even more people and we’ve been having the most amazing time here.

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Catching My Second Breath

Hi everyone! 🙂

Last time I posted, I was just resuming my journey alone. Since then, I’ve managed to “finish up” the Philippines and I’m just about to fly off elsewhere. But let me get into the details…

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A Glimpse Of Indonesia & Singapore

Hi everyone!

I know this post is a quite overdue and I humbly beg your forgiveness for that. I feel that finding the time to write something gets exponentially more difficult when traveling as a couple. I promise to not leave anything important out. That also means that you get to read a freakishly long post about how I (and we) experience Indonesia and Singapore…
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Love You Forever, Borneo

Hey folks!

How are you all? I’ve just spent my day traveling from Kuching to Lombok, which seemed like a pretty good time to write another post. I’ve managed to catch a ridiculously early cab to the airport, three flights (Kuching to KL, KL to Jakarta and Jakarta to Lombok) and a local bus today. But let me start from the beginning again…

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Welcome To Malaysia

Hello again 🙂

I’ve already started with yet another country, Malaysia, and I’m enjoying it a lot. But before I get into that, I should still talk about my last week in Thailand…

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The Diving & The Thieving Monkeys

Hi everyone,

Long time no post, I know. I felt like I haven’t really been all that active lately, but writing this post has proved me wrong yet again 🙂 But let me start at my visit of Mandalay…

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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Hi everyone!

I’m still in Myanmar, at least for a couple more days. I’ve already posted about Bagan – I have to say I really fell in love with that place. Lia and me spent two days driving the e-bike around and then on the third day, we decided to just chill at a swimming pool.

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